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Working Title: The Child Sacrifice
Untitled free verse poem
Echoes of a child's carefree laughter resonate mockingly
Through the halls of the dead man long since lost.
He had long since sacrificed the child upon the altar at Mt. Moriah.
Such a soul only seeks to be rested, and thus, does not dream.
Yet, The laughter of children returns within fertile ground
As the seed is planted into Mother Earth, and blooms
And his voice, his laughter returns - to rejoice.
And once again, a dream is birthed to restore the soul of man.
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The Presupposed Link Between Life/Morality (BTACD)
The Presupposed Link Between Life and Morality
In the wake of Lithmor's awakening, the resulting godstorm just claimed yet another Lord of our kingdom.
As I watch the milling about of the unenlightened peasant dregs below cannibalize each other both proverbially and literally, I was continuing with my projects, and as I worked, I meditated on the problems outside and prayed to Lethias for guidance. And in doing so, I reached an epiphany – one that I shall expound upon.
A presupposition of morality is that it is righteous and just to preserve sentient life.
I dare ask: Why?
I dare ask: How?
What makes sentient life – really, any life, worth preserving?
Life requires energy. It produces, and gives back. Oftentimes with an inefficient, nonequivalent exchange. While energy may not be destroyed, so much of it goes to waste when it is used on life.
Worse, life brings about a guarantee of suffering and pain, with no guarantee of joy, satisfaction, or fulfillment. Can any being cla
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For My Ancestors - Legend of Bloodline's Fang
Kurai, Year 5870
“General Tokugoro of the Norikara. I have a report.”
The ginormous, seven foot tall bronzed N'vaen demon, tiger-like stripes running down his tree trunk limbs and bared back, eyed the wolf Lethaos messenger of his patchless good eye, wild, lion-like mane surrounding his face like a majestic radiant halo of fiery crimson hair, which swayed in the wind
“The demons of the Death, Famine, and Pestilence kingdoms are to make an assault on Gojo Bridge.”
“...Clever. If we let them take control of that bridge, they essentially have us bottlenecked. We won't be able to push back effectively.”
“What do we do, General?”
“We fight to the last man to defend this point.”
“But General -”
He snatched the Lethaos by his armor with a single clawed hand. With a crazed grin, he gazed into the wolf demon's widened pupils. He spoke lowly. Slowly. “What in the blazing hells did you think I was gonna say, Shinjimaru?
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Tears, Wash Away the Blood (BTACDragons)
“Did you fucking see that, mate!?”
“Slaughtered Forrest and Canare! Tore through 'em like nothin!”
“Fuck 'em, just keep runnin' you morons!”
The three hooded and cloaked xeriin fled the cave under the cover of darkness, pursued by that which they could not see, their rapid footfalls barely tapping against the stone floor as they fled from their pursuer.
Every which way, the shadows of the forest seemed to move just a bit, just an inch. A rustle of a tree. A blur from behind the greenery The flicker of the stars, of the moon. Flutter of an owl, of a wolf, it could be any of them.
“Shit shit shit, it could be anywhere!”
“Boys, can it, we're almost there! Almost home free! The courtyard's just ahead – we'll take fli-”
The two hooded xeriins at the front turned their gaze to a horrific sight – the black shadow's blade had been shoved through their companion's chest, blood still running down the ed
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 15 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 15: Disillusioned
The party had left her spent. While Kari had insisted on not drinking, she did allow herself to loosen up, and laugh along with all at the celebration within the Great Hall – and even though she had not partaken in drink, the laughter was its own aiding ale in helping forget about the pain in her wings.
Helping to steady an inebriated Liangyu, the two made their way down one of the streets to the inn they were afforded for the next few nights. In spite of Liangyu's stumbling causing her to be a little unsteady herself given her companion's hefty weight, Kari found herself comforted by the arm around her shoulder, even if it was mostly for the orc to support herself.
“Yer the best, ya knows that,” the orc grinned with a drunken tusky smile. “Always helping peeps out.”
“Unless they're marked the enemy,” a voice from the alleyways uttered.
Kari's gaze snapped to the intruder, eyes flashing with panic. Remeira stepped from
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 14 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 14: Humility
The Winged Knight was not one for parties. As such, they stood off in the corner, sipping quietly from her glass, meditating on the effects of the day, her wings bandaged and wrapped with ointment-soaked bandages, the muscle having been singed, and the feathers in spots having been burned off. The healers had demanded she rest in spite of her protests – and she was essentially a prisoner of the earth until they healed.
For an avian, being grounded was like having both of her legs broken. Flying was freedom – to have movement stripped from her was a fate worse than death.
Yet, worse than her tenderized, burned, patchy wings was the memory of the drowess. What about her had made her nearly lose her vow? What about her nearly made her take life in the name of vengeance alone?
Was it that, maybe, she was...?
It was then Aurelius, still in commander's regalia, coughed sharply, jolting her out of her thoughts. With him stood a young, blonde-haired Heartwoodia
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Azizim by Pixel-Latte - gifted by Verridith by JPG816 Azizim by Pixel-Latte - gifted by Verridith :iconjpg816:JPG816 8 6
Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 13 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 13: Naivete
Already on the backfoot, not good. The Winged Knight scowled, as they leaped away from the clash, swinging her naginata to bat away her swift blade, the sword barely missing her shoulder as she narrowly weaved out of the way.
“Why did you hesitate?”
Was she in her head? Was she a psionic? Already the drowess was on her again, her blade crashing against her naginata's shaft.
“Now I have you cornered, little bird. A shame! I wanted this to last a bit longer!”
“Shut up and stand down!”
The Winged Knight swung her plated boot up into Remeira's gut, causing her to hiss as she stumbled back – not losing her grin, even for an instant. The Winged Knight lunged forth with a thrust with her polearm, aiming the blade for a nonlethal blow for her leg.
The skirted drowess fencer launched herself with stunning grace into the air, her entire form spinning in a backflip before landing daintily on the tip of the naginata's shaft. The Winged
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Legend of the One Eyed Ripper Ch. 3 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 3: Why
“Bastard should’ve just told me she got her powers from eating a rainbow and cast some motherfucking razzle dazzle. Would’ve been more believable, less stupid, and maybe I would’ve at least had a cheap laugh,” the cyclops grumbled, as he stomped his way down the road through Kriss. “I should’ve snapped his spine for that.”
As he strode down the streets, most pedestrians had the sense to get out of the way. Those that didn’t were dragged out of the way by those who did know of Jack’s bloodied reputation and history. Even the local guards knew to turn a blind eye if they could help it. This was essentially Jack’s town - at this time, Albronel was in yet another war, and could not afford the soldiers to spare for the little port/crossroads town, let alone to handle one as fierce as Jack’s gang.
Yet there was a group that didn’t. Up ahead, his gang of assorted bandits had cornered someone in the al
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Legend of the One Eyed Ripper Ch. 2 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 2: Bullshit
"The boss has been quiet."
"What do you think happened?”
“Word is he got shanked in the toe by a 10 year old, heh.”
“What? That’s bleedin’ stupid! ...why are we following this guy around?”
“No knowin’s.”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Shut yer gobs back there!” Jack bellowed. “We’re in town. You know the rules. No talk about business while here. We find the little brat and her friend. Put ‘em in chains. We sell ‘em and be rid of ‘em.”
The whispers continued, albeit more hushedly. “See? He can’t get that little brat off his brain! Clearly lost what was left of it!”
“Then it’s settled.”
They came up upon a small tavern and inn - “Sit and Stew” - their usual haunt, as the owner often left them to their devices so that he could be left to his own. Not to mention they made a mean bowl of chil
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 12 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 12: Playtime
The werewolf in full golden plate stood atop the top floor balcony of the Great Keep’s tower. It would only be a matter of time before the beast would force the Vystrian forces to flee, surrender, or die. He cared not which. Lady Nina would be pleased at his results. It would only be a matter of time before he regained his iron grip on this city. All in the name of the one true god.
And yet, the report was late. He made a note to chew out the messenger whenever they decided to show up.
And here the little twat came jogging up at a brisk pace, clearly out of breath. The werewolf narrowed his gaze, not bothering to turn around.
“The beast has done its job then, I assume?”
“Commander Sturm,” the errand boy gasped out. “The Beast has been defeated. Our forces are in disarray and are retreating back towards the keep.”
The werewolf whipped around, cape from his armor swirlinga bout. He growled a single “WHAT?!” as he
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Legend of the One Eyed Ripper Ch. 1 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 1: Surge
It was on that fateful day many decades ago that a man’s life changed forever.
A small merchant caravan was in the process of crossing the Exodus Desert - a huge expanse of sand on the Vystrian continent in the realm of Felnova.
Crossing the dessert often meant stopping at the little city of Kriss at the edge, a little port town that acted not only as the port for ferries to the Isle of Rojimbo, but also as the nearest town to the city in the middle of the desert, Sunfire. Merchants of all sorts gathered with each other as to make protection easier.
Unfortunately, this small caravan had to leave urgently, in a rush to deliver its cargo: medicine for a recent disease outbreak in Sunfire, which required medicine that could only be made from ingredients found in the Song Forest by alchemists in the Vystrian capital of Albronel.
The caravan carried an middle-aged gent by the name of Doctor Samuel from the capital, sporting a finely trimmed brown beard denoting his ag
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 11 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 11: Faith
Suddenly, a familiar green-skinned orc staggered in front of her view, clutching the shoulder of her limply hanging arm. Her leather armor hung about her person in tatters. Her face contorted in pain as she finally managed to shove her shoulder back into place, clenching her eyes shut with a drawn out hiss escaping her lips.
The Winged Knight’s gaze widened underneath her helmet. “Liangyu! Are you-”
“You really think one lousy slimy-ass dragon claw can put me down? ...GET DOWN!”
Liangyu suddenly leapt upon the Winged Knight, shielding her with her back. She could see pain in Liangyu’s eyes as she was washed with the fire - but the flames seemed to just be absorbed into her smoking flesh. Being part fire-elemental had its perks.
“Hrrrgh! Let me distract it. Get up on the walls again and keep firing!”
As soon as the fire breath dissipated, Liangyu
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 10 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 10: Alone
The Winged Knight’s body lay there among the ruins of the walls, uttering a weak groan.The impact from the black beast’s man-sized claw had left them floored, even with the barrier up. The bronze dragon gasped for breath from having to maintain the barrier against the heavy blows.
Her mind snapped to clarity as she realized there were only two of them accounted for.
“Where’s Liangyu?”
“No time. The beast was injured by her attack. We have to capitalize.”
The bronze dragon’s gaze snapped to the Winged Knight, piercing their helmet. “The longer we sit here and debate, the longer that beast can wreak havoc. Have faith in your comrade, draw your bow and ready another shot.” Aurelius grabbed his sword, and fanned out his broad, membranous wings, taking off with a mighty flap.
The Winged Knight drew their polearm. Upon it, they said a swift prayer under her breath before taking to the air with th
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Divine Musings: Fenrir
Jurisprudence and Conviction
Justice. A concept many kings, heroes, and knights march in the name of, but also one which very few beings understand.
The word ‘justice’ is swung around like a sharpened blade, being used to strike down what one perceives as enemies of the light. It is frequently used to punish those the wielder sees as monsters, without heavy meditation on the truth of these carelessly plastered labels. It should be noted that ‘mob justice’ is a term which is in no way just nor righteous. A witch-hunting crusade is a travesty, doubly-so as it is often done in my name. Let it be known that justice is not simply about bringing criminals to the light of judgment, but also being even-handed and protecting the falsely accused. It is about granting a sensible mercy if it better serves the righteous.
Yet, there is also the flip side - refusing to cast judgment in the name of the righteousness when evil is clearly afoot. When one refuses to protect the in
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 9 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 9: Bravado
“We’re going to need more than a prayer,” the orc muttered in response to the Winged Knight’s raspy whisper to the heavens as the beast made its way over the city walls.
The creature reared its disgusting, monstrous head back for  another stream of flame breath. Its glowing red eyes gazed down at the gathered Vystrian forces from just over the castle walls, who could only look on in horror as it opened its dripping, boiling jaws. From its maw came a torrent of flame. No, that wasn’t quite right. It was spewing the same substance it was made of - and that substance was ablaze, giving the appearance of it spewing fire.
The flaming liquid engulfed the frontline Vystrian army - scouring the battlefield of dozens within seconds, the soldiers screaming in agony as they were cooked in their metal armor ovens.
Kari grit her teeth underneath her helmet.“Then the prayer must be accompanied by action. Come on.” The Winged Knight
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